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The attorneys at The Higgins Law Group of Buffalo are experts in personal injury claims including traffic accident, watercraft accident. and injury on property. We believe that every client deserves our prompt, personal attention and professional representation of the highest quality.

Our clients can trust us to vigorously fight for them and conduct ourselves ethically, treating clients with the dignity and compassion they deserve to help them through the difficulties following serious injuries and to help them receive the best result in their case.

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If you are an accident victim with serious injury caused by the negligence of another person or organization the law entitles you to seek fair compensation for any damage, suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses associated with your case.

If you have suffered personal injury, in any of our areas of practice, and are seeking legal representation in the Western New York Courts, you can trust us to provide prompt professional attention to your case and help you receive the best possible result.

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