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Boat, Jet Ski, Wave Runner (Watercraft) Accidents

Western New York is clearly a wonderful place for anyone interested in recreational boating and water sports. Every year, we see more and more people take to our local waters to enjoy fishing, kayaking, sailing, water skiing… using many different types of water craft from small slow moving paddle boats to highly powerful sports boats and extremely fast and maneuverable jetskis.

With such great privilege comes great responsibility!

Unfortunately, we are experiencing a growing number of watercraft accidents. Partly because there are more people using our waters, partly because many people underestimate the potential dangers on our waterways, and partly due to lack of boating education or experience.

Frequent factors leading to watercraft accidents include: flaunting of navigational rules & safety guidelines, inattention at the helm, alcohol use, and lack of maintenance. Additionally, injuries or damages associated with these accidents are often worsened due to inappropriate speed, or lack of adherence to recommended safety precautions (such as wearing life-jackets, or installing kill switches).

Watercraft collisions are now a serious and growing issue in our region.


Experienced Watercraft Accident Attorneys

If you are a watercraft accident victim with serious injury caused by the negligence of another person or organization, the law entitles you to seek fair compensation for any damage, suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses associated with your case.

If you are seeking legal representation in the Western New York Courts, you can trust us to provide prompt professional attention to your case and help you receive the best possible result.

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